Spring 2018 Boot Camp registration is open!

Gosh, I announced that registration for Spring 2018 Apparel Manufacturing Boot Camp was open, everywhere but here. So now you know. From the overview; you can register by following the link therein.  The skinny: we’re making pants again. This is a photo of the pants we made last year. Hope to see you there!



10 thoughts on “Spring 2018 Boot Camp registration is open!”

  1. Have you addressed the question of whether the Boot Camp patterns will ever be available for sale? I know people have asked but I don’t remember seeing an answer, so perhaps you’re still debating it internally?

    1. Debating it? No, no debate. Just time. The issue really, is time. The instructions would take a long time to create. If you saw the instructions I did for the bomber jacket (for sale separately on Etsy), you’d see the level of detail -all 50 some odd pages of it.

      I guess the key issue is demand. With such limited time and resources, I couldn’t afford to develop instructions for every style but would have to be selective -at least to start. Any suggestions would be warmly received. (((Alison)))

      1. Mmm, yes. Actually I do remember this conversation. It’s possible I forgot it because I didn’t like the answer.


      2. There’s also the all-or-nothing approach, where you provide no instructions at all or just the sewing order. Incomplete or unclear instructions will reflect poorly on you, but if you sell just the pattern that’s completely professional, it’s what you do anyway, no?

        And then if you wrote a detailed book one day you could sell that separately as an add-on.

        1. I guess you’re right in that I could sell them without instructions but my main motivation for selling the patterns in the first place, was to show people how we really do things (as opposed to how people say we do things). And then hopefully, people would be more prepared to incorporate that into their repertoire and improve construction of other sewing they do. Also, hopefully they’d be happier, more confident, efficient and excited with their results.

      3. Perhaps that could be someone’s dedicated job at an upcoming bootcamp? I.e. you could request for someone to sign up for bootcamp and their job would be to create the instructions, etc….

        1. Sounds like a plan! I love it! Except for two things. I’d be using a volunteer to do work that would ultimately generate revenue for my business and two, I’m not confident they’d know how it should or could be done and of course, they won’t peer into my brain to catalog my pet peeves about given operations and how to avoid frustration with the pattern.

          1. I would be keen to discuss this at some point as a business analyst – one day when I make it over from NZ to get to bootcamp!

  2. I had no idea that you were based in Albuquerque! I’ve read your book (still use it as a reference.
    I actuall work at an American manufacturer here I washington, hoping to develope my own motorcycle apparel and clothed for women. But my hubby is stationed I NM so nect time I’m it there I need to make a trip youre way!!!

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