Apparel manufacturers converge in Albuquerque NM

Our sewing supervisors, heading out from Austin TX this morning.
Our sewing supervisors, heading out from Austin TX this morning.

Here’s a run down for this first ever event, we have participants coming from as far away as Calgary AB Canada, and with financial support from cities like London and Hong Kong!

2- Albuquerque NM
1- Espanola NM
9- Austin TX
1-Bloomington IN
1-Buffalo NY
1- Calgary Alberta Canada
4- Centerville MO
1-Detroit MI
1-Farmington UT
2- Hackensack NJ
1-Houston TX
1-Los Angeles CA
1-Norristown PA
3-Oakland CA
1-Portland OR
3-Richmond VA
2-San Marcos TX

Texas is the clear winner with 12 residents attending.

It’s pretty amazing that this event is happening at all, it’s the first time it has ever been done, anywhere, ever. Oh, a buddy of mine and I used to do 3 day manufacturing boot camps events in the late 90’s (in Missouri) but it was nothing like this. Each person only made one item. This time, we’ll be making over 100 fully lined coats to donate to needy children.

It’s gratifying that New Mexico is on the map for hosting this historic event but sad that so few local residents choose to participate. New Mexico is also home to the leading international site for apparel production. New Mexicans often grouse that we’re last on every economic indicator but we should  take advantage of the resources we do have. Everybody else does.

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  1. This is such an awesome project. I hope all goes well and it can become a regular event. I would love to attend in the future. Good luck to everyone!

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